Frequently Asked Questions

My Mighty Dragon

What is required to play?
You will need an Android device that has a camera, tilt sensor, and the ability to connect to the internet. Bluetooth is also required for multiplayer.

Do I need a continuous internet connection to play the game?
No, although some in-game activities do require an internet connection. For example, identifying the items that you collect by scanning bar codes cannot occur unless you have an active connection.

Something in the game isn't working right. What should I do?
If the game crashed, please click the "report" button, which helps us figure out why it happened. You can also send an email to describing the problem, or use the in-game communication feature found at the bottom of the main screen. Although we may not always be able to reply to you personally, we do our best to release fixes promptly.

Why can't I beat a particular level?
The abilities you take into battle can greatly affect how easy that battle is to win. Trying to defeat fire dragons using only fire abilities or ice dragons using only ice abilities may be difficult or even impossible. If you're having trouble, try changing things up. Training to improve your stats and health is also important, as is hunting for equipment items that can protect you or boost the damage you deal.

I'm confused about something in the game. Where can I look for help?
Most screens in the game have a help option that describes them in detail. To access it, press the menu button on your device and choose "help" from the menu that appears.

I'm having trouble scanning bar codes. Any tips?
For best results, try to scan the code under good lighting. Position the code directly in front of the camera (the numbers should be at the bottom) and adjust the distance so that the code fills a large portion of the space between the dragon's claws on the screen. If the camera has difficulty focusing on it, try moving it either closer or farther away. Some bar codes may be particularly difficult to scan, such as those that are damaged, faded, or printed on curved surfaces. As of version 1.2.2, players who aren't able to scan barcodes can still get food items as rewards for playing battles.

The items I scan show up in the stash as "Identifying" but they never actually identify. Why?
This indicates a problem with your internet connection. If you collected an item when you did not have an internet connection, that item will not be identified until you do. Try verifying your internet connection, then open the stash again.

The items I scan get identified, but they show up as boring, generic items. Why?
Only items with certain common types of bar codes, such as UPCs (Universal Product Codes) and ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers), will be identified by their proper names and given special attributes. Codes that are not of these widely used types may not appear in the online database, and therefore may not be recognizable. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of the game, as changes in the result format of the online query may make old versions unable to properly identify items.

Is there a way to buy a version of the game without advertisements?
Currently, the only version available is the free, ad-supported version.

Why is it recommended that I play the game with the sound off?
Even on relatively new devices, the frame rates in battle and training games may be noticeably better when the sound is off.