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My Mighty Dragon v1.0.5 available today

posted Sep 27, 2012, 12:51 PM by Joshua Porter
There are two notable changes in this version. First, your dragon will now refuse to eat food whose scanned code contains improperly encoded non-latin characters. If you live in an English-speaking area, chances are you will never notice this change, as it only really affects non-English QR codes. Second, if you were getting a crash when trying to open the Hunt activity, it may now be working. A crash was occurring in rare cases where the app was unable to locate a graphical resource used in that activity. The implemented change allows the activity to proceed even if that resource is not located, but a side effect of this fix is that the image of your dragon's claws may not be visible in that situation.

Additionally, if you experience a crash and want it to be fixed as quickly as possible, please click the "report" button when the crash occurs. This sends a report to us that contains the exact error messages and locations in the code involved (no personal information at all), which is immensely helpful in finding the cause and creating a fix. If you find a bug that is not a crash or that does not give you the option to report it, an email to admin@viviparousstudios.com describing what happened will go a long way toward getting the issue resolved. This is our guarantee to you: if you report it, we will work to fix it ASAP and keep you updated along the way.